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The Assyrian/Chaldean/Syriac flag


This is the official homepage of the Assyrian Socialist Party(Iraq).Our party was refounded last year (2002) by a group of Assyrian workers in northern Iraq.The ASP(GSA) is a socialist and democratic party,which aims to resuscitate an Assyrian Nation for Assyrian people in an Independent and Popular Republic .

Beth Nahrein is the name of our homeland in Mesopotamia , and the Assyrians are all the inhabitants ,regardless their religion , Christians or not who live in the land lying between the Zagros Mountains in the east , the Khabur Valley in the west , the Taurus Mountains in the north and the Gulf of Fao in the south.

The ASP(GSA) is completely commited to a unified Mesopotamia , the historic Beth Nahrein between the Tigris and the Euphrates Rivers . Hence we are deeply opposed to any separatist or divisionist scheme created by the oppressors of our people . We ASP(GSA) will respect the desire of the Assyrian people through democratic and pluralist elections . And to establish an independent state in the Middle East for our people will be the principal goal of our party . The Assyrian Socialist Party stands for Socialism and Democracy , fundamental change in this rotten capitalist and clerico-medieval system in the Middle East, and social democracy organised on democratic lines ,where people are able to take control of their own lives . In a society and state where everybody can live in peace and freedom , speaking their native tongue and defend their culture and national identity.

The Assyrian Socialist Party has clandestine branches in exile and in other countries (Turkey,Syria,Lebanon,Iran ). In our fatherland Beth Nahrayn (Iraq) we are now fighting for a democratic and federal Iraq alongside other communities and peoples such as the Arabs , the Turkmen and the Kurdish peoples . We support the human rights in all over the world and in specially in Iraq .The ASP(GSA) calls for our people,intellectuals , students , merchants , peasants and workers to continue our national liberation struggle in our occupied country against the clerical and totalitarian regimes in Iraq.


This page is also a homenage to the great hero of the Assyrian people and founder of the Assyrian Socialist Party (in 1917) Dr Freydun Bit Abram (Atturaya) .The ASP(GSA) is The most ancient Assyrian national party ; and the single leftist party of the Assyrian people in whole Iraq.The headquarters of the Party is in Baghdad,Iraq.

No matter if you are a party member , an independent or which progressive,democratic or nationalist organization you belong to : if you are interested in social subjects about the political conscience of the Assyrian working class,we invite you to explore this important matter and contact any of our branches.


The ASP Program and other actual information will soon be added to this page.

Long Live workers of greater Assyria/Beth Nahrein !

For to contact our branch in exile,e-mail: